Everyday Jessica

This is what I think about everyday. (Also, I like to be called Jessie....)

beyoncevoters is my new obsession. GENIUS!

I miss 30 Rock so, so much.

Back at in BK tonight, but this time with the lovely @melskyburd! #celebratebrooklyn (at Prospect Park Bandshell)

Please let it always be summer. #warpaint #celebratebrooklyn (at Bandshell @ Prospect Park)

Tegan and Sara at Hammerstein Ballroom! @aprilrueb

These guys walked these balloons over me. Pretty fun to look up and be surrounded by 🎈🎈🎈🎈!

A well-written profile moves me the same way a clutch basket moves me at a basketball game β€” it makes me want to cheer. When I finished this profile of John Green written by Margaret Talbot for The New Yorker, I wanted to cheer β€œYES! NAILED IT!” It’s that good.

Note: I’ve read Fault in Our Stars but had no idea about Green’s greater story. It’s fascinating.

"…because without the struggle, what is your success, anyway?" - Charlie Day

Here’s the music video for my dream collaboration, “Love Never Felt So Good.” When I saw Justin Timberlake post a teaser photo for the video on Instagram last night, I groaned imagining the cheesy production-quality.

But, instead of the holographic King of Pop that I was expecting to see, the video features Timberlake and dancers paying tribute to all of Michael Jackson’s iconic music videos. It’s simple, respectful, and nostalgic; and definitely worth a view or two.Β 

.@BillyEichner debuted a song last night called “Should I Get a Publicist?” and it was hysterical! @emmaladyrose @lastamp @elizcongdon and I laughed our asses off at @nymag’s #vulturefestival!